Monday, December 13, 2010

So Thankful

THANKSGIVING TRIP 2010 - 11 weeks pregnant

I moped around for a week, then I got a Wii game and played with that for a week, then it was time to go home for Thanksgiving. I only had 1 pair of pants that fit me these days except pajama bottoms and sweats. So I packed sweats. We were having dinner at Mom's on Thursday and my aunt's house on Friday - both places where sweats were acceptable. At least I'd be able to fit a lot of food in =)

Brian LOVES Christmas. He was dancing around the house to Christmas music even before Thanksgiving. Then we listened to Christmas music the whole way down while I read baby magazines that we checked out from the library. It was in these magazines that I read that a baby eats for 8 hours a day! Holy crap! It was a nice trip, though. It's hard not to be in a good spirit when you're around such enthusiasm and you're drinking a Slurpee.

As soon as we got in we met the family for dinner. My aunt from New England was in town and she asked me about baby names which was fun. I talked about names as if I was definitely going to be naming a baby, not like I might be. (BTW, Bentley got a family-wide veto). My cousin asked if I wanted to go to a New Kids On The Block concert in June and I said I couldn't because that's when the baby was due. I didn't say, "I might be able to." See? I was making progress.

On Thursday my mom caught her turkey on fire and we had to eat out! The only place open was Old Country Buffet. The food was pretty awful and the people were germy and a little creepy. But at least we have a story to laugh about in the future.

Aside from Christmas itself, Black Friday is Brian's favorite day of the year. He loves a good deal and giving gifts is his favorite part of the season. He poured over the ads for hours. We didn't have any money to do any shopping. We could maybe spend $25 or so and I didn't think that was worth being out in the middle of the night but I didn't have the heart to tell him that so we were out on Black Friday from 11pm-3am. We didn't even buy anything because the lines were insane. It was more of a people-watching excursion. But Brian had fun and that's all that mattered.

Old Navy had all pajama bottoms on sale for $5 and that's what I really wanted. When we went at 2:30am the line to check out was 2 hours long. We went back at 3:30pm and the line was 1 hour long. We went back again around 9pm and there was no line and only ONE pair of pajama bottoms left in my size! It was like they were waiting for me. They are the thermal ones that are tight at the ankle so they don't ride up in bed. They make me look like an elf but I love them anyway!

I didn't know until we got to the store that all jeans were also on sale, including maternity jeans! Even though we couldn't really afford it, we bought 2 pairs. I figured we'd have to buy them eventually and why pay $38 later when we could pay $15 right now? I looooove my maternity jeans! One pair has denim covering the stretchy waistband so they don't even look like maternity and the other pair just have about an inch of stretchy cotton on top, instead of that full-panel kind. They are so super comfy that I might start wearing maternity jeans when I'm not pregnant!

I know that the superstitions say you aren't supposed to buy anything at all pregnancy or baby-related until after the first trimester but, come on, there's only so many times a person can go out in public in sweatpants before it really starts to mess with their self-esteem.

I wore my maternity pants on Saturday! First we went shopping for Christmas decorations with Dad, then to Greektown for Five Guys Burgers & Fries. Then he dropped us off at the mall to meet my mom and we shopped or another 4 hours and I got a frozen cherry drink from the Pretzel Peddler - I'm so glad that place is still there! Frozen drinks seem to be my pregnancy craving. Oh man, they make me so happy. I was on my feet in my Shape-Ups alllllllll day but I still felt great! I had to make up for the last 2 weeks of laziness at home!

We had to leave on Sunday to get back to the kids (cats). It's always a sad drive back. It's not that I don't like living here, it just gets boring and lonely. If the cats and my OBGYN weren't here I'd stay downriver all winter. There's so much to do, so many people to see...and there's Target! Oh how I love Target and their frozen Coke machine.

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