Monday, December 13, 2010

Back To The Present!

Thanks for letting me catch ya'll up on baby stuff. Now we are back to the present tense! Hopefully I can stay there. I have a huge problem of switching my tenses around so please try to dredge through the tense mess and know that I am aware of my problem.

Anyway, this has been a really good week for us!

Last Sunday Brian made dinner. Spaghetti. I took a bite and I honestly thought that if I swallowed it I would drop dead. It wasn't just a simple dislike for something. It was absolute hatred! My first pregnancy aversion! Some people say that your body rejects things that are bad for you when you're pregnant but I don't know if I believe that because my body really seems to like chocolate (maybe it's the calcium?).

On Monday we got an invitation to Shepler's Christmas party! Yay! I get to go somewhere and show off my bump! And have free dinner! As long as there's no hamburger meat. Yuck.

On Tuesday we found out that Brian's unemployment claim was approved and the money was put on his debit card! That's a huge relief! Our bills are all up to date now, our Christmas shopping is just about done and we even have money left over to go to NC to see Brian's family for New Years!

Wednesday was my 12-week check-up. The only OBGYN office in northern Michigan is in Petoskey which is 35 miles away. On wednesdays they send a Dr over to St Ignace to save a little bit of time and gas money for the Yoopers. We decided to make our appt for St Ignace. They tell me the Dr will be at the old hospital. I put the address in my GPS and it takes me to a building just slightly larger than my house. Is this the right place? Did this really used to be a hospital?!?!

We go in and there's a sign with the name of 4 doctors on it and arrows pointing in different directions. Before I have a chance to follow any arrow the lady at the counter says, "You must be here to see Dr Cockfield." (Yes, my Obgyn's name is Cockfield - How awesome is that?). I said to Brian, "She knew I was here for the Obgyn! I must totally be showing!" And Brian said, "We're the only people here under 80."

This place is CREEPY! When they said old hospital, they really meant old! If I was ever to direct a horror movie that took place in a hospital I would pay anything to shoot it here! I could probably come in one night with a video camera and make the next blockbuster....a real version of Paranormal Activity!

So I go into an exam room, lie down on the bed and I'm staring at a metal mobile that hangs from the ceiling. You know, the kind that's usually over a crib but this is like a 1950s version. The circus animals look like they're made out of corks, wood and construction paper. I don't know what it's doing there but it's definitely a nice touch to the Film Noir.

The nurse feels around for a heartbeat for about 5 minutes and then gives up. She tells me not to worry, the doctor is usually much better at this. I'm not worried at all. lol, jk.

When Dr Cockfield finally arrives she finds the heartbeat right away. (Breath Out) We also got to hear some swooping noises that the baby made when it kicked. It was kicking a lot! She said everything looks good. I asked what my chances were now of having a baby and she said 99%. That number seems kind of low to me. 1 out of 100. I'd feel a lot better if it was 1 out of 10000 but I can't do anything to change statistics. All I can do is HOPE for the best.

Thursday was a great day, too. We went Christmas shopping in Petoskey. They have a Meijer there! I never realized how much I liked Meijer until it wasn't around anymore.

We decided last week to decorate the nursery in a Peanuts theme. It's a good gender-neutral theme plus it honors by beloved Snoopy. I figured I'd have to buy everything online because how often are you walking through a store and you see Peanuts stuff? Well there I was, walking through Meijer when I saw a Peanuts 60th anniversary display! Tons of stuff! Mostly holiday related which we didn't want but I found some non-holiday dolls that would look cute on a shelf or a dresser. I put them in my cart just to show Brian. I had no intention of buying them. I mean, just because our financial troubles were behind us didn't mean I could buy everything I saw. But they were the only ones. And when I went back to the display to put them away there was a crowd there. I just couldn't leave them behind. So it's official. We made our first nursery purchase!!!!

Disclaimer: Those are decorations, not toys! They will be HIGH on a shelf and not played with by Baby Cramer until said child is 6 years old, as recommended on the package.

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