Saturday, November 13, 2010

Our Good News

We had company for Memorial Day weekend and it felt great to show off my new house! We had a fire in the backyard and looked at the stars...there are SOOOOOO many stars up here! It's so quiet and peaceful and it's hard to worry about money when you're around people who love you. So we had a good weekend!

Business picked up in June and I was working 5 0r 6 nights a week and some lunches, too. We got so behind with bills in May, though, that we were still playing catch-up. On June 12th we got a huge suprise - a BFP. For those of you who don't know pregnancy acronyms that means BIG FAT PLUS! I was pregnant!

I called my parents and brothers immediately and they had told the rest of the family within hours. After work I posted my good news on Facebook. I know it's a superstition that you're not supposed to tell anyone until after the first trimester but we were way too excited to keep it a secret. I ordered baby books from Borders the next morning and my friends all had a baby name list to vote on by that afternoon! I started looking at nursery themes and researching pain management options amd making a pros and cons list on finding out the sex before the birth (we decided not to). Walking past the baby area of Walmart didn't make us sad for the first time ever and it was great to look at all the little onsies and socks and hats. We decided on names within a week. Annabelle or Oliver.

What perfect timing for a baby! I would be laid off in October before I got super fat and then I'd have 2 months to spend with the baby before I returned to work in May. My life is awesome!!!!

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