Monday, November 15, 2010

Happy Monday!

When you're unemployed it's easy to lose track of what day of the week it is. I know it's Monday because Brian watched football ALLLLLLLL day yesterday *rolling my eyes*. The only reason I might leave the house today is to walk to the mailbox to see if a Netflix DVD came in. Our house sits back a ways from the road so the walk to the mailbox is a little trek, especially when it's 36 degrees out with 13mph winds blowing in your face and you don't have a winter coat. Lucky for me Brian beat me to it.

Speaking of Netflix, I've noticed that movies are available on PPV and Redbox waaaaay before Netflix gets them. I did some research and found out that Netflix made agreements with Universal, Fox and Warner Bros to withhold the release of their DVDs for a month so that people would be more likely to buy the DVDs and in return Netflix will be allowed to have more of their titles available to "watch now." So I can watch all 7 seasons of Buffy the Vampire Slayer instantly through my Wii but I have to wait a couple of weeks before I can see Sex in the City 2. Whatever. I have nothing but time right now. Besides, Netflix is a GREAT deal! $8.99 a month to watch unlimited movies on the TV and rent one at a time on DVD! If our cable gets shut off, Netflix will be our lifesaver. If only they rented Wii games, too. P.S. No, Netflix is not paying me for the endorsement.

So the reason why this is a happy Monday is because the automated phone line for unemployment (marvin) has said my claim was finally approved on Friday, right at the 6 week mark. Brian is suspicious because when he called and spoke to a real person on Friday they said it was still under review but I'm trying to think positive. If it was approved then that's awesome for so many reasons! Not only will we have money coming in again but if mine was approved in 6 weeks instead of 8 then Brian's might be too and we could possibly have all of this taken care of in time to have a good Christmas with our families! Yay!

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Casandra said...

Netflix sucks!!! I went back to Ballbuster <--lol until they file bankruptcy!! Blockbuster gets movies 28 days before Netflix...

YAH for unemployment!!