Saturday, November 13, 2010

Let's Bust a Move

In March we took a week off work (unpaid) to come up to MC and apply for jobs. I found one at a restaurant where the average plate was $20 and the average tip was 20%!!! YES! I would finally have enough money for the Kenta flat iron I'd wanted for years!

Brian got a job for a ferry company that scheduled (and paid!) overtime and even offered health insurance. Not anything glamorous but something to give him a little more self-esteem than saying he fries oysters for a living.

We also won the housing jackpot and found a 3 bedroom 2 bath house on 8 acres for $82 less a month than our 1 bedroom condo! Jobs that paid more money + Bills that cost less = Singing Gwen Stefani's Luxurious as I use my Black American Express card to buy a new Marc Jacob bag on my way to the airport where a private jet is taking us to Cannes for the film festival. P.S. I do tend to exaggerate, even in my own head.

But seriously, it seemed like everything was in our favor. We were to start our new jobs the first week of May. That gave us a month to pack up our stuff and bust a move.

Now I don't want it to seem like we were poor down there. We had enough money to pay our bills, eat out once a week, shop whenever we wanted and go on one exotic vacation a year. The trouble was, though, that we had no savings. And I don't know when was the last time any of you moved 1200 miles away, but it's expensive!!! And we just took a week off work unpaid so a moving van was absolutely out of the question which meant if it didn't fit in the car, it didn't make the trip. So we sold what we could, donated what we didn't need and put all of our winter stuff (clothes, hats, mittens, boots, blankets, holiday decorations....) into his mom's storage unit. We would come back for it when we were laid off in the fall.

Oh, I didn't mention that this is seasonal work? No big deal. Since everything except the gas station closes down for the winter, everybody gets unemployment and since we would make so much money during the summer we would probably get the max amount of unemployment...and if not, we'd have so much in savings that it wouldn't matter....right? RIGHT?

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