Friday, May 13, 2011

35 Weeks!

Sorry I haven't been updating much. Typing while lying down is kind of a b-word.

It's hard to believe I've been on bedrest for over a month already! You'd think the time would drag but it's actually gone pretty fast!

We have now seen 4 different doctors since this whole mess started. Four different opinions and attitudes. Apparently obstetrics isn't as easy as 2+2=4.

Dr 1 scared the crap out of me. I did my own research on pre-e which scared me even more. I read that 10,000 moms die every year from pre-e and the condition can come on so fast that you can have a perfect dr's sppt in the morning and lose your baby by that afternoon! Dr. Google is no friend of mine, that's for sure! And either is because that's where I got those lovely pieces of info. Thanks a lot, A-holes!

Dr 2 was more relaxed. She said I don't have pre-e, I just have pregnancy-induced high blood pressure, but they are keeping an eye on me as if I do have pre-e just to stay ahead of the game. Her goal was for me to make it to week 35 because a baby born before that would have to be born at a hospital with a NICU 123 miles away! Can you imagine the heartbreak of leaving a little preemie at a hospital over 2 hours away from mom and dad?!

Dr 3 was cool as a cucumber in blue jeans. It must have been Casual Tuesday that day. (I'm picturing a cucumber wearing blue jeans right now and it's hilarious). He said as long as my BP remained under control they would let me go to 37 or 38 weeks before inducing.

Dr 4 was in a bit of a panic. He wanted to put me in the hospital. He had me go in to get my BP checked 2 days in a row and said if it didn't go down any that I was being admitted and they may have to induce the next day! Scary stuff! Luckily my BP took a dive the next morning and I'm in the clear for now.

I saw Dr 2 again on Wednesday and she tried to explain the decision making process to me. She said she has 2 things to worry about: the health of mom and the health of baby. The younger the baby is, the worse mom needs to be for them to take baby. The earlier they take baby, the more danger baby is in. But the longer they keep baby in there, the more danger mom is in as this condition gets worse the longer the pregnancy lasts. So they have to try to find a happy place where they meet in the middle. It's no wonder some of these drs are high-strung! These are major decisions!

Also, she said they are not going to schedule the induction because this condition is so unpredictable that a schedule would be pointless. It could literally happen at any time just like real labor which is kind of exciting.

I will be 35 weeks tomorrow so whenever they do decide to get Ian out, at least it will be at the closer hospital. That's one less thing for me to worry about.

Brian's been checking my BP several times a day. It goes up a little bit every week so I don't know how much longer it'll be. We're just taking it one day at a time. Everyday that I can keep him in there is a victory.

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