Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Smiling On Demand

Ian turned 2 months old yesterday! I had to work but my mom, aunt and cousin brought Ian in to the restaurant. He enjoyed a bottle of white by the fireplace, lol.

When he was one month old he weighed barely over 7lbs and was in the 5th percentile which meant that 95% of babies his age weighed more than him. The pediatrician was concerned and tried to refer me to a nutritionist like I'm starving my kid or something. We weighed him yesterday and he's 10.4, right at the 25th percentile! I would give the dr and nutritionist the finger right now but that wouldn't be setting a good example.

Last month when he reached his one month birthday I realized I had never ordered a set of onesie stickers to mark the months so I decorated a onesie myself. I had so much fun doing it that I decided to make him a birthday onesie every month. I know I'm not all that skilled but it makes me feel good to make him something and it'll be fun to show him the onesies when he grows up. Here are the first two.

I got a little nervous on Friday when he reached the 8 week mark because I didn't feel like he was smiling at me on purpose and everything I've read said a baby should smile at his parents by two months of age. I started wondering if he was autistic. My mom told me to chill out, that he wasn't technically 2 months for 5 more days. Turns out she was right because all of a sudden he just started smiling on demand! I smile and he smiles back just about every time. The other night I smiled at him while he was eating. He couldn't smile back since he had a bottle in his mouth so he squinted his eyes at me in an "eye smile." I thought it was a fluke so I smiled again and he squinted again! I wish I had it on video, it was super sweet! I do have this on video, though.

I had my final check-up with my OB yesterday. In the waiting room they had me fill out a questionnaire to screen me for PPD. When they asked if I'm happy, if I laugh a lot, the answers were yes. I've honestly never been happier in my whole life!

But when they asked about worrying and anxiety...that's another story. I answered that I worry often. When the Dr asked what I worry about I told him SIDS, whooping cough, skin cancer from the sun, west nile virus from bug bites, I worry every time someone coughs, sneezes or when anyone other than family touches him. He asked if I thought I needed medication or if worrying is just part of who I am. I mean, I guess it's part of who I am but it's not a part that I like. I said no to the medication because it's not like I can't leave the house or anything. Though I might need to reconsider once Ian starts sleeping in his nursery.

The Dr also asked me if I needed birth control. I asked him when it would be ok for us to get pregnant again and he said we can try right now if we want! I know what he's probably thinking. Another pregnancy = another c-section = more money for him!

Oh, and speaking of c-sections, I'm pretty sure I'm 100% healed. I just wish the "swelling" would go away. I still can't get my wedding rings on. Of course, it might not be swelling at might just be that I'm fat-TER. I'm not gonna worry too much about it right now, though. I have tunnel vision for the rest of the season. I'm only concerned with my family and my job. Anything else can wait until November.

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