Friday, August 5, 2011

Bombshell Tonight!

Breaking news!

Ian is sleeping in his crib! In. His. Nursery!

I had a few teeth pulled on Thursday and was taking narcotics. It's not safe to sleep with a baby when under the influence of drugs so I really had no choice but to let him go. We got him to fall asleep in his crib with the help of his sleep bear and a pacifier. Luckily for me I was so doped up I fell asleep with no problem at all.

He woke up at 3am for a diaper change and a quick snack and, to my surprise, he fell asleep as soon as I put him back in the crib!

After his 6am feeding he was fussy. I figured the drugs had worn off so I took him to bed with me. But it was light out by then so I can still technically say that he slept in his crib for the whole night =)

Last night I guess I was super tired because Brian & I went into our room to watch Source Code and I was unconscious before the opening credits were over. I woke up to Ian crying from the nursery at 5am! He slept in there 5 hours! I gave him a bottle, put him back down, turned on the sleep bear and he fell asleep immediately. No pacifier needed.

The switch wasn't as hard as I thought it would be for either of us. The drugs were actually a blessing and came at the perfect time because they helped me relax just long enough to get used to the idea of sleeping without him. And he doesn't seem to care at all because he's sleeping just fine in there. I guess it's official - my baby has left the nest.

In other news...

I wore pants with a zipper and a button today! They are a size bigger than I used to wear. I bought them in January when I was 17 weeks pregnant so this isn't exactly a huge victory but it is a step in the right direction.

I am also proud to announce that Ian has his first set of fat rolls on his thighs! They are the cutest softest pinchable little chunks. He is growing up so fast! I've seen him laugh twice and he is starting to notice his toys and reach out for them. He holds onto his burp clothes and blankets so tightly that I can carry him around the house and he doesn't drop them. He's also started making noises. Innocent and sweet baby noises. Yesterday we laid in bed, eye to eye, and had a conversation for about 30 minutes that consisted mostly of goos and gaas. It's amazing to watch him get stronger and smarter everyday and I know he's only going to be more fun as he grows!

Here we are at Outback tonight. Look at his face. He always looks so curious.

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Anonymous said...

Jodie , everyday forward brings blessings, true wonders, touching moments, surprises behind words, and a life that is fulfilled with God's special promises. I love 'Squeak' so very much.