Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Nothing Good Happens After 2am

We were out of town for 2 weeks over the holidays, and another 2 weeks for our babymoon, then another 2 weeks watching my cousin's pets and we couldn't wait to finally get home and live a normal life. It didn't take us long to realize that a so-called normal life in northern Michigan in February SUCKS!!!!!!

We fell into a routine quickly. We would take turns with the laptop and the TV. I didn't ever do my hair or put on makeup and I wore pajamas all day. Since we had no reason to get up early, we would stay up late and sleep in late. Everyday we would stay up even later than the night before and sleep even later the next day. It got to the point where we were waking up at 7pm and refreshing web pages and watching Rachael Ray off the DVR for like 12 hours in a row! I didn't like what my life was becoming. There's an entire episode of my favorite sitcom, How I Met Your Mother, based on the fact that nothing good ever happens after 2am and I believe this. Going to sleep in the daylight was starting to make me feel like a crackhead. The freezing temps, grey skies and wet roads weren't doing anything to boost my morale, either. I became depressed and angry. I felt like punching walls. I think I have SAD - Seasonal Affective Disorder, a clinical term for the "winter blues." I need to shake myself out of it before I become homocidal.

I can't change where I live right now and I can't change the weather but I was able to change our sleep schedule. We decided not to go to sleep at all one day and it worked out really well. We've been up early everyday for a week now and it has improved my mood a little. Brian has started painting the nursery in bright cheerful colors so that's a little improvement, too.

We also took an impromptu trip downstate to see my family and it was a great weekend! I got to wear real clothes! We were out and about from morning til night. The weather doesn't seem to affect me as much when I stay busy.

Never in my life have I thought pulling weeds sounded like fun but I honestly can't wait until the weather is warm enough for me to get out there and do some yardwork! Brian thought it would be nice to have a little garden, too, so I'm excited to start work on that as well! We couldn't spend a lot of time in our yard last year because it was infested with gigantic spiders. Now that we know about the spiders we'll be getting sprayed this year so it shouldn't be a problem. I definitely have high hopes for this summer. Sunshine, baby and coffee! Oh, I can't wait for coffee.

Speaking of baby, we reached the 24-week milestone this past weekend! For anyone who isn't familiar with pregnancy stuff, this is known as "viability." What that means is, if something bad was to happen, like if I went into premature labor or got into a car accident or slipped and fell on the ice or something, and the baby had to be born now, attempts would be made to save baby's life. If I had the baby at 23 weeks, attempts would not have been made. So it's a pretty big deal. Everyday I get closer to having a live healthy baby!!! And everyday I get closer to spring.

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Anonymous said...

I think I have it too. I know that living in the south has helped, but I'm looking into one of those lamps to turn on for an hour each day. Idk, it's suppose to help !