Thursday, March 24, 2011

I Feel Lucky Today

I love being pregnant! A lot of people have really miserable pregnancies for the whole 9 or 10 months and I feel lucky to have made it to the third trimester without any complaints (except that damn Quad Screen BS). I've had little bits and pieces of nausea and heartburn and even a few false contractions but all that does is remind me how lucky I am to have this LO inside of me. I'm honestly one of those annoyingly perky people who says, "Honey, I think I had my first Braxton Hicks this morning! It hurt so bad I had tears in my eyes and almost threw up! Isn't that exciting?" LOL,

I don't have to worry about BC (Baby Cramer) anymore now that s/he is so active. BC moves all day long. Not exactly like kicks and punches, but it feels more like baby is rotating like a rotisserie chicken in there. Brian can even feel it when he puts his hand on my belly and pretty soon we'll be able to see BC moving around when we look at my belly!

Our childbirth classes start on April 5th and last for 6 weeks. I know some people say they are a waste of time because anything can happen during labor but I think it'll be a fun thing for us to do together and it also gets us out once a week.

Brian was hit with the nesting instinct this week. For those of you who've never heard of nesting, it's when a soon-to-be parent realizes that baby is really coming and starts getting the house organized and cleaned from top to bottom. My instinct hasn't kicked in yet but he's like a maniac with a duster even cleaning things I never noticed were dirty, like the tops of the ceiling fans (I didn't even know we had ceiling fans!). He also started organizing all of the free samples of baby stuff we've gotten thus far and he came across a few breast milk storage bags. It was the cutest thing. He says to me, "Did you know you can freeze breast milk in a deep freezer for a year and in a regular freezer for 4 months?" Apparently he didn't know you could store breast milk at all! He thought if I ever used a pump it would be to fill a bottle or two for when I was working and that's it. Now that he knows I can exclusively pump and we can try to build up a stash that both mom and dad can use, he's all for it! He's so excited about BFing now that it's made me excited about it, too, and support is very important.

Now that he's realized there are a lot of things he doesn't know, he's trying to learn everything he can. He got out all of the magazines and paperwork I've been collecting and next thing I know he's telling me his thoughts on different brands of diaper rash cream, talking about washing BC's clothes in a gentle, unscented detergent and reminding me not to drink too much caffeine. Ever since I've been pregnant I've been a total knowledge whore, reading everything I can get my hands on and he's kind of been rolling his eyes saying these things happen naturally. Now he's getting on the same page and I love it!

Right now he has all of the stuff we've gotten for BC spread out on the dining room table to access our stash and get it organized before the shower. He can't believe how tiny the newborn diapers are, lol.

I know I complain a lot about not having enough money but I eventually relax and realize what's really important. I love my husband, he loves me and we both love our baby. I'm going to join him in the dining room now so we can ooh and aah over the itty bitty diapers together!


Anonymous said...

Sooo sweet!!!! I'm so happy for both of you!

I have a question! I've heard you have to 'prep' your boobies for breastfeeding. Not sure what that means, never looked it up because it hasn't been applicable for us yet! Sounded like you had to wear something? Another question- what is LO?

Miss you Jodster! I love that your keeping a blog and writing again!!!

Susan said...

Perfect. Perfect. Perfect. I am so happy for you Jodie and Brian.

As for the prior commenter -- anything that makes the nipples more used to being suckled is fair game... if you get my drift. They used to say use a loofah or rough towel" on them during bathing, but that has been dis-recommended recently.

You can always message me if you have questions Jodie.

Jodie said...

Anonymous, I wish I knew who you were...but LO means Little One and I'm not sure if I have to prep my nipples or not. I'll probably learn this stuff at our childbirth classes.

Billi :) said...

I'm happy that you're having such a positive experience! :) It is a great time, enjoy!

Anonymous said...

Jodie it's me! Was I the first one to call you Jodester? When is the next installment? I might start blogging again! You inspire me!