Friday, June 17, 2011

Oh, What a Night!

I had my first "mom moment" tonight.

At 7pm I put Ian down for a nap. I figured I had 2 hours before Ian would be up so I decided to make dinner. I stuck dinner in the oven and put the timer on for 40 minutes.

Approximately 37 minutes later Ian started crying from the bassinet in our bedroom. I went in there and saw that he had peed outside of his diaper. Oh, the joys of having a boy. I had a waterproof pad under him to save the sheet but it was under the bottom half of his body and the wetness was towards the top of his body. So now I had a wet baby, wet pajamas, wet sheet and a wet bassinet pad.

I took Ian into the nursery to change him and the oven timer started going off. I can't leave him on the changing table and I can't set a wet baby anywhere else so I left the dinner in the oven.

His sleeve was soaking wet and so was his hair. Great. If it was just his skin that was wet I could have wiped him clean with a washcloth and Mustela water but pee in the hair means an all-out sponge bath.

I put on a fresh diaper and carried him out of the nursery. The oven timer was blaring. I needed both hands to get the food out but I can't put him in his bassinet because it's wet! So I set him on the couch, put some pillows around him, grabbed the food from the oven and threw it on top the stove.

I got Ian and gathered supplies for the sponge bath. Body wash, bowl of water, towels and washcloths. He cried the whole time.

Eventually I had a clean and dry baby in a fresh pair of pajamas making hungry faces at me. I made him a bottle. He sucked on it for 15 minutes and only ate 1/2 an ounce before he fell asleep.

I got a new waterproof pad, cleaned and dried the bassinet pad which, luckily, has a waterproof liner, and put him back in the bassinet sans sheet (we only have one). I got my dinner on my plate and just as I sat down to eat, Ian started crying again. Yup, soaking wet. This time the waterproof pad did the job but I still ended up with 1 wet sheet, 2 wet pee pads, 2 pairs of wet PJs, 2 wet towels, and 2 wet washcloths and there was no way I could wash them because it was only 55 degrees out and they would never dry on the clothesline before dark!

When he soaked himself the first time I thought maybe he was growing out of the NB size diapers so I put him in a gigantic size 1. It didn't work because he still managed to be a Pee Houdini (I call him this because he pees outside of his diaper without getting his diaper wet). However, because the diaper was so huge, when he started crying he brought his knees up which made the diaper hit the umbilical cord and when I took off his 2nd pair of wet pajamas I saw that his umbilical cord stump had come off halfway, had blood around it and smelled horrendous!

When it was all over I ended up eating my cold and overcooked dinner with a cranky baby on my lap while Googling infected umbilical cords on the laptop.

All of this happened in less than one hour! It was a pretty hectic hour but I made it through just fine. I know I will have days a lot worse than this one but I'm ready for them because this is what I get to look at when the hectic times are over:


Aunt Ruth said...

Beautiful are gonna be a fantastic mother:-)

Anonymous said...

Is his navel infected? Welcome to parent!

Jodie said...

No, I talked to other moms and they say bleeding and stinky-ness is normal. I hope it falls off soon, though. Damn thing gets caught on everything!